Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions:

Q:What type of school is Synergy Bahamas?

Synergy Bahamas is a post‐secondary career training and certification institution that provides learning initiatives, training programs and internationally established certification opportunities for students pursuing specific career paths in business, information technology and design technologies.

Q:Why choose a career school instead of a two or four year school?

Career training institutions offers specialized job training with a focus on employable skills development, whereas two‐ and four‐year schools offer a curriculum that includes liberal arts, math, and science in addition to career‐oriented courses. Career schools’ programs are generally short‐term, hands‐on programs that prepare students for entry‐level work in their chosen field. Many career training schools work closely with local employers to ensure their graduates are fundamentally prepared to perform the job responsibilities required for them to be successful and productive in their chosen career fields.

Q:What kind of credentials can I earn?

As a result of numerous international partnerships and affiliations, many of the career training programs offered at Synergy Bahamas are designed to prepare our students for many of the top industry and internationally recognized credentials in their various fields. Some of these designations include:

  • Certified Business Professional
  • Microsoft Office Specialist
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
  • CompTIA A+ IT Technician
  • Quickbooks Certified User
  • Adobe Certified Expert
  • Project Management Professional

These credentials are often achieved by taking and passing the associated certification exam that is also normally delivered at Synergy Bahamas and invigilated by one of our internationally certified testing administrators. All eligible students also are awarded a Synergy Bahamas completion certificate at the end of their course or program provided they fulfill the class attendance and participation requirements.

Q:What kinds of programs are offered?

Most of the courses and certification programs offered by Synergy Bahamas typically fall under one of four categories:

  • Business – including Office Administration, Business Management and Paralegal training.
  • Information Technology – including Network Administration, IT Security and Computer Programming
  • Fine Arts & Design – including Photography, Web and Graphics design and architectural design
  • Foreign languages – including Spanish, French, Mandarin and Creole
Q:How long are the programs offered by Synergy Bahamas?

Every program is different, but in general, our career training programs are designed to be very short term in nature. You could easily complete a certificate program in three to six months and start working in your field right away. The main idea behind career training is that it should be short term programs that concentrate on just the skills and knowledge needed for the anticipated career.

Q:Can I get financial aid or payment terms?

As a Ministry of Education approved training center, Synergy Bahamas does provide offer scholarship opportunities through the Ministry and independently as well. In the past we have partnered with a number of associations and public figures to offer scholarships or significant tuition discounts including Ortland H. Bodie and the Yellow Elder Association.
We also offer an interest‐free payment option for qualified students that wish to pay for their programs over the period of their course or program delivery.

Q:Will I be able to get help in finding a job upon completion of my course or program?

At Synergy Bahamas we regularly seek and provide job placement assistance for students that successfully complete their training programs and have demonstrated their readiness for real world job duties and responsibilities. Recently we have partnered with a local employment agency that will provide preferential placement of Synergy graduates for suitable job openings and opportunities.
Additionally, we regularly receive calls from local businesses and organizations seeking recommendations for new hires and job openings that we pass on to our students.
Finally, some of our programs (like the Medical Nursing Assistant diploma program) provide a work experience placement requirement that allows students to gain real world, hands‐on experience in their career of choice that is very valuable when job hunting in the market becomes competitive.

Q:Is Synergy Bahamas recognized by the Ministry of Education?

Yes. All courses offered by Synergy Bahamas and all Instructors employed by our organization are annually scrutinized and approved by the Ministry of Education in the Bahamas.

Q:Where else is Synergy’s certifications recognized besides The Bahamas?

Over 90% of the courses offered by Synergy Bahamas lead to a valid internationally recognized credential or certification. For example, most of our technology programs prepare our students to sit and pass certification exams delivered and recognized by Microsoft, Cisco, EC‐Council, CompTIA, Adobe, Certiport and many other major training and certifying bodies the world over.
Many of our business students are similarly trained and prepared for significant world leading credentials offered by the International Business Training Association, the Project Management Institute, the Institute of Paralegals U.K., Intuit, etc.
As an organization, our name is listed and recognized internationally as the training center of choice in the Bahamas for our international partners and affiliates.

Q:What days and times are the classes scheduled to occur?

Classes can be and are scheduled during the daytime (Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm), in the evenings (Monday through Thursday, 6pm to 9pm) or on Saturdays between 9am and 5pm. Course schedules change on a semester by semester basis so it would be necessary to obtain an up‐to‐date schedule from one of friendly customer service representatives.

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